What is DLsite?

BL同人・ボーイズラブ・BLマンガのダウンロードなら「DLsite がるまに」

DLsite is one of the largest digital content sites in Japan that handles games, doujinshi, manga, CG collections, music, and voices.

There are both non-adult and adult works.

  • General works
  • Adult

The work is according to each hobby taste,

  • For men (school, married woman, spirt world, cuckold, etc)
  • For women (maiden, BL, TL)

What language does DLsite use?

Many works sold on DLsite are in Japanese only.

However, there is an attempt to make the content available to many users around the world.

That is "Translators Unite".

What is "Translators Unite"?

A service that publishes works translated by volunteers from works for which creators have given translation permission.

These are contributions made by labor or volunteers.

Please note that some characters such as manga sound effects and written characters may not be translated due to the specifications of the translation system that performs the translation.

Please note.

What languages ​​are you translating into?

The following languages ​​are currently available for translation.

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean

What kind of works do you have?

Due to the language barrier, I am currently concentrating on translating comics.

There are many translations by native speakers, so it can be said that it is closer to the natural native language.

For example, current popular titles for women include:

[English version] へなちょこ吸血鬼は狼騎士の血が欲しい

Japanese Doujin Comic for Chinese Korean English

[Simplified Chinese version] むっつり赤ずきんくんからは逃げられない

Japanese Doujin Comic for Chinese Korean English

[Korean version] 性欲を持て余す地味でネクラな私がガテン系上司に喰べられる3日間

Japanese Doujin Comic for Chinese Korean English

please enjoy doujin !!!